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life lately

It has been a loooonnnnggg week. Madeline was sick last weekend and I got hit with a terrible cold

our social media fast

Last summer, Brooke McAlary talked about the joy of missing out (or JOMO) on her podcast, ‘Slow

happy birthday luke

Today we had an overdue birthday party for Luke and his friend Findlay. I have so many pictures I

slow and simple january

As I took the trash out late one night last week, I once again found myself marveling at the New

to my husband

image by KNW Photography It’s been a while since I sang the praises of ‘my main

a birth story

(part 1) …Actually, there was one room open (I noticed when we walked in) but they were

a pre-birth story

(image by Meghan Rose Photography) As I sit here at 5am, nursing Clark and thinking about where to

lake tahoe + life updates

We escaped to the mountains last weekend for a quick camping trip. I could literally feel my soul

creating a simple life

For the past several months I’ve found myself pondering what I want life to look

new mexico

Well, we’ve known for almost two weeks, and I’m starting to realize that keeping it to

learning with them

I’d like to start by saying I certainly don’t have anything against public school,

first garden

We planted our first garden. It’s small, very fragile and may amount to nothing, especially

blossoming once again

Spring is quickly coming to Vacaville and I’m so grateful. It’s been a long winter,

lego boy

The past month has been hard. Harder than I’d like to admit. I’d like to open up and

luke is three

Oh how I love this little boy who could build with legos all day, loves to play and always gets my

thanksgiving & the golden gate

I don’t have any words to add other than it was a really good Thanksgiving.

madeline is five

This smart, kind, beautiful girl turned five! I was too busy to take more pictures and I’m

rainy days

The past week has been full of mostly rainy days. The kids have been non-stop explorers,

the things they say

The kids and I just returned to a fabulous, week long trip to Utah. There will be more pictures to

fall adventure

Back when it was 100 degrees and we were aching for a little fall weather, Sofia and I started

kitchen nook

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I am feeling good this lovely Monday morning, still on a high

a season of stillness

Pieces of this blog post have been floating around my head for weeks now… I’m still

blooming artist

I stepped into Madeline’s room yesterday afternoon to make sure she was okay. She often

i hope she knows

On our way home from the grocery store today, Madeline asked why there were always bad guys in

take me back

Take me back to the shore, watching the sun slip below the sea. Take me to the wind, the waves and

summer moments

Before the summer comes to a close, I thought I ought to share a few random pictures from our time

a foggy day at the beach

Last week we said good bye to my brother Adam for the next two years.  He’s heading on an

backyard living

Not being able to edit last summer turned out to be a big hurdle for me because I just never sat

life at the lake

There’s not really anything to say other than life at the lake with these 14 people is

happy birthday jeremy

Happy Birthday to this handsome love of mine. Despite the fact that this picture is far from

a lovely fourth indeed

After posting the colors and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, those of us able to went on a good

a few photos not to be forgotten

Baby boy I’m so glad you’re mine. And glad I take pictures so I can be reminded that

waiting for a rainbow

I really hesitated about sharing this, in fact I had kind of decided not to. But a sister reminded

peter is home

Welcome home Elder Fullmer!!!

car wash

Last week before Jeremy left for officer training he volunteered to go get a car wash. It was