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Today we had an overdue birthday party for Luke and his friend Findlay. I have so many pictures I want to share from the past few months, and so many thoughts flying around my brain, especially in relation to our January social media fast, but I can’t seem to get those thoughts spelled out, and I’m not sure where to start with the pictures, so I’m jumping in with today.

It was a really good day. Our poor middle child with a Christmas birthday gets neglected more than he should and it felt good to give an extra day to him. I’m not really sure how to describe barely four year old Luke. He is particular about everything, especially when it comes to getting dressed. One day he has to wear jeans and the very next it’s shorts with pockets or nothing – the weather is irrelevant. Luke loves “doing school” with Madeline and has started taking reading seriously the past couple weeks. I’m amazed by his determination. He is so insanely headstrong, and yet, all he really wants is some good snuggling and quality time. He could spend all day with legos, and most days he tries. Luke loves his siblings, often so strongly that it manifests itself in too tight squeezes or over excited blows to the head. Some days I’m convinced he’s deliberately ignoring me and disobeying, but I’m starting to wonder if he really can’t hear me or understand because he’s so wrapped up in his own little world. The opening scene of ‘The Boss Baby’ depicts a little boy from the perspective of his own imagination, and I think Luke’s brain works the same way. Just watching him play on the playground I can almost see the ninja’s he’s fighting and the lion he tamed.

Motherhood continues to stretch and humble me. Every once in a while I think I’ve figured it out, and then suddenly Clark isn’t sleeping, Luke is peeing on every surface of the toilet except the inside and Madeline cries about everything and nothing. I’ve said it before, though, and I’ll say it again, not a day goes by that I am not insanely grateful for this gift it is to be home with them, learning and growing and cooking and creating. Life is so so good. Especially on days like today.

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  • Loralee

    Sarah, we’ve missed you!! So fun to see these cute photos. That LEGO cake is amazing. And Luke is precious. So are Madeline and Clark. And YOU and Jeremy! Love you so much!!!ReplyCancel

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