slow and simple january


As I took the trash out late one night last week, I once again found myself marveling at the New Mexico stars. I’m still learning to love this place, but every sunset and starry night makes me fall just a little for this desert wilderness.

I’ve been following along with Amanda Watters “Rest Retreat” this month. When she first mentioned the idea of starting the new year with a month away from social media my initial reaction was to skim right past, pretend I hadn’t noticed and continue scrolling on my merry way. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I quickly realized how much I needed it. PLUS, everything she writes makes me want to be better, so I figured it couldn’t hurt…

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist clicking on those little apps if they were sitting in front of me, I deleted them from my phone on December 31st. Freedom and excitement immediately washed over me. I won’t pretend it’s been easy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached for instagram, or picked up my phone only to realize there wasn’t anything there for me… but I can tell you how grateful I’ve been for the experience. Just twelve days in and it’s already the best thing I’ve done in a while.

This month I’ve read so many books, taken way less phone snapshots and a few more photographs than I usually would have. My brain has come alive with creative ideas and a thirst for knowledge has been awakened. I’ve done more with the kids and enjoyed this quiet step away from the noise and rush and constant need to document every. single. thing. I feel present. I feel purpose. I feel me.

I don’t want to do away with social media forever. It’s something that, when used responsibly, has inspired me and connected me to people I never would have known otherwise. I’ve loved documenting our family and sharing personal experiences there. I’m not sure how I plan to let it back into my life. For now I’m thoroughly looking forward to another couple weeks without it and enjoying all the little things life has to offer, like starry nights and candle light. Words and music and beautiful works of art. Nursing my baby distraction free, connecting with the big kids. Sipping tea and talking with Jeremy, but most importantly, having room for God to speak to my soul.


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