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It’s been a while since I sang the praises of ‘my main village man’. (5 points if you can name that movie!)

I realized once again as we waited patiently for Mr. Clark to make his appearance, that I am really blessed to have such a supportive partner. When Jeremy knew what my wish was for Clark’s birth, he was 100% on board and did everything to encourage and help me how he knew I needed. Not once did he push any sort of anything on me, he didn’t even bring it up.

We joke that I’ve become sort of a hippie the last few years…. Giving birth naturally with midwives, breastfeeding, composting, homeschooling, making our own bread, getting rid of our tv, slowly trying to reduce our amount of plastic use, switching to more natural cleaners, or even making our own! Here’s the real kicker though: I just bought my first bottles of witchcraft essential oils *gasp* Who am I??!!

I day dream of having a huge piece of land where we keep chickens and bees, maybe even a cow or a couple goats. We’ll have a great big garden that we live off of in the summers and we’ll constantly be fixing up our hundred year old farmhouse. We won’t have heating or air, just open windows and a good wood burning stove. I’ll hang sheets on the clothes line out back and watch them dry in the breeze from our kitchen window. Our kids will run wild and free, exploring, getting dirty and lost, coming home tired at the end of each day.

The past year I’ve felt so strongly the call to slow down. To slow our extracurriculars, our food, our home life. To savor everyday life and find ways to enjoy the cleaning and cooking, the teaching and learning. Removing the excess and filling the things that matter most with greater intention. I don’t want to spend life waiting and dreaming of exotic vacations and imperfectly perfect farmhouses (although I will continue some of that while we are banished to the desert…..Still adapting).  If most of our lives will be spent in the day to day mundane, then finding ways to make those things beautiful and enjoyable has become my mission.

Dear husband, I realize I’m not always the easiest person to live with… especially when I’m a hormonal mess trying to figure a lot of things out. Thank you Jeremy, for giving me space to ponder and grow, to try new things and change our lifestyle a bit. Thank you for being my favorite person to talk with and be with, for making my dreams yours and chasing them with me. I love doing life with you.

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