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We escaped to the mountains last weekend for a quick camping trip. I could literally feel my soul lightening the closer we got to the mountains and trees and water. Nature is so freeing.

I worked my eight months pregnant tail off planning and packing for those twenty-four hours of fun, six of which we spent in the car. We came home absolutely filthy, I probably slept twenty minutes the entire night and I just finished the last load of dirty beach towels. BUT it was all completely worth it. Breathing the fresh mountain air, watching the kids run wild and free, roasting marshmallows, star gazing, watching the sun rise through the trees, splashing in the most beautiful, crystal clear lake water I have ever seen… Add some fabulous friends to the equation and we really had nothing to wish for. *sigh* Can we go back now?!

Poor Luke was up multiple times Sunday night crying and crying that we couldn’t go camping again right now. It was so heartbreaking… Camping is certainly something we plan to do more of this coming year. Madeline and I will have to learn to brave the thought of South Western wildlife.

In other news, we’ve found a place to live! We won’t be homeless for the first month or two of our time in Alamogordo! I’m certainly not doing cartwheels about New Mexico, but I’ve come a long way from my initial reaction. Things really are working out, and we’re going to be just fine.

Baby #3 is doing really well. Everything continues to look good at our appointments. This kid has been a mover from the very beginning, which I love because it’s a near constant reminder that someone is alive and well in there. We’re 37 weeks now, and I still have no idea whether it’s a boy or girl… One day I’m convinced boy and the next I’m certain it’s a girl. I’ve absolutely loved the mystery but I am about ready to know who’s in there!

We’re finishing up the last few preparations for baby (like we ordered a carseat this week, and I just realized we have no diapers ha!). The kids are so ready to meet their brother or sister. Madeline can’t go to bed or quiet time without kissing my belly, and Luke regularly prays, “that the baby will come today” and “that the baby will be cute”. I often walk in on them playing house and the baby is always the center of the game. Before we know it we’re going to be a family of 5! It feels so crazy and so natural all at the same time, but I guess that’s about how it should be.

I’m so quick to stress about the future these days. Where we’ll be for Christmas, finances, what career path is best for Jeremy and our family, where we’ll settle down. If we’ll ever settle down! I’m trying to put these stresses aside and remember that life is pretty good right here right now. Things continue to work out, answers to prayers continue to come. Other than the heat and lack of things that fit over this belly of mine I have nothing to complain about ;)

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