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For the past several months I’ve found myself pondering what I want life to look like. What do I want our kids to remember when they think of their childhood? How do I want our home to function and what do I want it to offer to those who dwell here?

Again and again I’ve come back to words like stillness, peace, rhythm, intention, slow, simplify and care.

I want to fill our lives with things that build memories and bring substance to our lives. I want to move with the patterns and rhythms of the natural world around us.

I long for less stuff, less distractions and less commitments. I want more nature, more books, and more time to create. More still moments to stop and listen. I want more adventures, whether they’re on the other side of the world or in our own backyard. I want more that makes my soul shout, “YES!”

It’s time to live with more intention, particularly in the way of self care. I just keep putting crap in my body and it doesn’t make me feel good and I know it! SO WHY DO I KEEP DOING IT?!

I also want to be more intentional with time. How we spend our days, and finding, well, maybe not quite joy, but contentment and satisfaction in even the simple, mundane tasks that keep our home clean and in order. There is such beauty in a well kept home and in the rituals that keep it that way.

This morning after breakfast, the kids wandered outside and discovered a snail. In fact they’re pretty sure it was the same slug they found last October named Lilly! They examined her and worked so hard to keep their shadows together to protect her as she crossed the sunny path. We pulled out The Big Book of Bugs and they read all about snails, pointing out which feelers did what. It was another one of those moments when my soul sings happy things and I’m renewed in my desire to fill our lives with more of this.

Our little homeschool journey has been such a great start, helping us begin to live with more purpose. We are all so much happier with this added dose of intention each day! We sit at the table, Madeline on my left and Luke on my right. They pull out their workbooks and I bounce my attention back and forth, helping whoever needs direction. Wind blows through the open windows and doors, the birds chirp in the trees… and as I sit there, it hits me again and again, “This is how I want to be spending my life! I am exactly where I want to be. Yes. Yes. YES!”

I know life will still have it’s downs and I honestly don’t want it to be vacant of hardships. I do, however, want to continue establishing patterns and rhythms for us to rely on with life does get hard. I am guilty of turning to food and too much tv when I’m tired, overwhelmed and stressed. But I’m ready to stop.

With the upcoming move and a new baby on the way it’s easy to get caught up in all there is to do, most of which I can’t do anything about right now. Slowing down and savoring this time, simply existing and working in harmony with our little family of four, almost five (!), is exactly what I yearn for and need right now.

I keep returning to this quote from Annie Dillard, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” So much truth!

Here’s to life, to it’s ups and downs and the beauty all around. Here’s to recognizing the need for change and taking steps to set goals and keep them. Here’s to the simple life.

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