first garden

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We planted our first garden. It’s small, very fragile and may amount to nothing, especially because we’re moving in four months… but we started! I’ve been amazed by how much our entire family enjoyed the process.  Madeline, in particular, has been anxious to get going on our little garden. Thursday I told her that the first step would be to pull the weeds that had overtaken the existing boxes. Without being asked she walked right out there and spent an HOUR pulling weeds, all by herself. This girl wants a garden!

The next day the kids and I picked out plants then spent some time turning the soil and mixing in compost. They had so much fun digging for worms and getting filthy. Luke kept saying,”I like dirt!”

Finally we put the plants and seeds in the ground with daddy. The wonder in these kids eyes as we pointed out the roots and leaves and talked about what to expect was almost magical.

The last picture is to document what things look like on day one. The big ’empty’ box in front is full of wildflower seeds. Fingers crossed we’ll have a nice little place for the bees to hang out and some bright pops of color on our kitchen table!

Hurray for our new little adventure in gardening :)

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