our new table


I still can’t believe this table is ours!!!! I’ve been dreaming of a table like this for years. I’ve been aching to style and host at a table like this for ages. It’s really here! It’s in my house!

It took a lot longer than we’d planned, Jeremy does have a full time job that isn’t building me stuff ;) The last couple weeks it was literally just sitting there waiting for us to decide on the finish. I can’t tell you how many stain samples we went through…. Literally I lost count. We finally decided, stained the bottom and hated it. For a week we had a total ‘stain identity crisis’. Then one day we decided we actually really liked it! We’re good with big decisions ;)

The stain is called Madrone, Elite Exterior Acrylic/Oil, Semi-solid, and we sealed it with a matte finish.

I realize it looks pretty awful with our floors, and it wasn’t made to sit next to the brick fireplace, but it’s ours! And it’ll be moving to a new home next year anyway.

I was inspired by two different tables. The bottom of the one on the left by shanty2chic and the top of the one on the right by honeybear lane.


If we wanted to redo it – which we don’t – but you know, there are two things we learned:

  • We wouldn’t use pine again. Pine has a really busy grain that doesn’t accept stain as well as we would have liked.
  • Jeremy says he wishes he’d used more clamps when assembling the top. It isn’t perfectly level, but it really doesn’t bother me. I was wanting something with a little character.

We’re still finishing up the chairs, just need to put the finishing touches on the new seat covers. But I really love them!

This isn’t meant to be a tutorial, just a source for inspiration, but if there is interest in more details please let me know and I’ll have Jeremy write up all the details to share :)

Thanks to so many of you for sharing in my excitement over this table! You guys are my people.

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