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The kids and I just returned to a fabulous, week long trip to Utah. There will be more pictures to come, but in the mean time I thought I’d share pictures of these cute kids bathing in their great grandma’s laundry sink! The same sink I bathed in once upon a time :)

The laundry room is in the dimly lit basement which resulted in some pretty low quality images. Despite the grain and shadows I find myself really in love with these pictures. They tell a story with some character, and I like that.

I also though I’d use this opportunity to share some of the things the kids have been saying lately. They are so full of energy and imagination lately. Somewhere I have an even longer list, but until I relocate it, these will have to do:

While looking in the mirror, “Mom, why am I always so pretty!!!???”

“I’ll help you every way of the step.”

As I’m putting new sheets on her ‘new’ queen mattress, “What’s this other pillow case for? ….Oh for my husband….”

While on the toilet, “You know that thing you put in the toilet to get clogs out?! That’s kind of like the way hand sanitizer gets germs out of your hands!”

“Mom, I know how cute Luke is – as cute as a heart. But when he’s 96 he’ll be big as a giraffe, right?!”

Crying for literally ten minutes because she has to leave home when she turns 18 and wants to be a real princess, totally perks up and says,”Actually, I want to be an astronaut.”

“Why don’t bugs have to go to church?!”

Luke                                                                                                                                               After being asked if he wants to come with us to the Air Force Base, “We’re going to SPACE!?????!!!!!”

Comes over crying, “Mom, I bit my chin….”

Luke pointing to an old picture of Jeremy (with a beard), “Look dad! It’s you! You have a different chin!”

I’m so grateful for these littles who manage to make me smile more often than they make me cry ;)

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