blooming artist


I stepped into Madeline’s room yesterday afternoon to make sure she was okay. She often disappears to this little world of hers… a world of creation and imagination. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.

I asked her if she would mind me taking a few pictures – she didn’t. I silently moved around the room,  capturing my little artist, saving this moment the only way I know how.  As I clicked away, it dawned on me that these stacks and stacks of artwork really needed to be displayed. I’ve told myself someday I’ll make a cute display for current artwork, but I just haven’t. So I grabbed my collection of washi tape and we hung page after page of her favorite pieces.

As we were finishing up I couldn’t help tearing up as I took in the beauty of this wall. This little artist of mine isn’t budding, she’s blooming.

This new view is what she gets to fall asleep looking at. And I can tell you that she was absolutely beaming as I tucked her in last night. You could have seen that smile from the moon.

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