take me back

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Take me back to the shore, watching the sun slip below the sea. Take me to the wind, the waves and the pastel painted sky beyond the foggy cliffs.

Take me to chilly dawns and sleepy children waking to endless potential for adventure. Take me to steaming mugs of cocoa and bellies full of fresh pancakes, ready to seize the day.

Take me exploring on the coast. Show me the grass, the rocks and all that lives. Let’s explore rocky coves and sandy beaches. Up high, down low, pick a place and I will go.

Take me back to dirty little faces climbing trees in big black boots. Wet and sandy from head to toe, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.  Smelling like camp fires, happy as can be, this is the place I want to be.

Take me hiking in the woods. We’ll go for miles, get lost a while, eat wild huckleberries and live in awe of the tallest  trees and the soft green moss.

Take me back to starry nights huddled together in the pale moonlight.

Take me to this world away, where quiet stillness is always the case.

Give me my people, that’s all I need.

Take me back.

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