the little blue house: a home tour


One month in the little blue house and it’s starting to feel like home.

Our table isn’t finished yet – but it’s coming!!!! AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!

There are a few empty spaces around the tv…

I’d love to have a new, patterned rug in the living room…

The color of these kitchen cabinets drives me crazy. But we’re renters so I suppose that isn’t even on the list…

I have such big plans for the kids bedrooms, but they just have to be on hold for now…

For every item I cross off my mental home improvement list I always manage to add three more to it. I’ve decided it’s just my nature to want to make things better. Improvement isn’t a bad thing, but I struggle to find the balance when it comes to time frame and finances.

The past week I’ve had Come As You Are by Nirvana stuck in my head. So here I am, sharing where I am. Because it’s really not a bad place to be. I so easy fall into a pit of comparison. Drooling at other homes and wanting what they have. But starting a list of things I’m grateful for sure helps put things into perspective.


No house centipedes. I’ll take spiders any day over those things.

It’s clean.

We live in a home with tons of natural light, which is such a blessing for me.

It took us so much less time to get settled this time.

We have a back yard.

We can’t paint…. but at least the owners picked a decent color. Someday everything will be white :)

No upstairs neighbors.

No downstairs neighbors.

Because it’s a house. We live in a house!

In the evening we open the windows and feel the cool summer air blow through the house. Listening to it move through the giant branches outside…

I like sharing our home for two reasons.

First, because I know someday I’ll want to remember what life was like in the little blue house. Just like I love remembering what life was like in the tree house, in BYU student housing and on Eutaw Place.

Second, because I’ve been grateful to so many people who’ve shared their homes online. Yes, sometimes I can get a little envious, but mostly, I’m grateful for the inspiration. I love picking up little ideas and jotting them down for future use. I don’t think I would have found my style if it weren’t for blogs and instagram, and I really love my style :) Discovering it felt like unleashing a part of my soul. (I know I know Wow, dramatic enough there Sarah…???) I hope some how our home can be a source of inspiration for others because home is my happy place and I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.  I’m so grateful for this beautiful little piece of heaven, mostly because of the people I get to share it with.

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