a foggy day at the beach

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Last week we said good bye to my brother Adam for the next two years.  He’s heading on an LDS mission to Omaha Nebraska. On his last full day with us we drove to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate bridge and spend some time on China Beach. It was foggy and a little chilly, but it was a really great escape from moving boxes :)

Madeline did a lot of digging in the sand and admiring the model posing for a photographer on the rocks behind us. As soon as they left she ran over and asked,”Hey mom, do you want to take my picture on that rock?”

Luke, on the other hand, spent most of our time there trying to convince himself he wanted to get his toes wet. He’d inch closer and closer to the tide but as soon the water approached he’d take off in a panic.

A big thanks to Adam for all his help this summer! He helped so much with the kids, driving from Spokane to SLC to CA, unpacking boxes and keeping my spirits up.  I still can’t believe he is leaving on his mission. I am so incredibly proud of him. I just know there are people waiting to hear the gospel message in a way he’ll be able to share it. But man are we going to miss him!!

We both made it through saying goodbye at the airport without shedding a tear, but as soon as I watched him walk away I completely lost it. All the tears.

I felt a little better when he texted me later saying he lost it the same time I did.

What a blessing Adam has been in my life. He’s taught me so much and I’m grateful for the language our souls both seem to understand. I love you Adam! I’ll see you in two years!


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