‘fiona of spokane washington’ | a family session


A summer evening in a garden of roses with a beautiful, happy family – what’s not to love?!

It’s clear that Fiona and Aoife share the sweetest sister relationship. Fiona was so good to include Aoife and Aoife just wanted to do everything her big sister was doing, especially twirling by the flowers.

My favorite thing about this session was watching the way each member of this family loves each other.  They were all happy to share their smiles with the camera, but when they interacted together you could see pure happiness shine through. That is magic to me.

Incase you happened to notice the amazing title of this post, I thought I ought to admit that, as much as I’d like to take credit, it wasn’t my idea. When Fiona suggested I name these pictures, “Fiona of Spokane Washington” (her  hand painting the words across the space in front of her), I knew I had to use her wonderful idea. She reminds me a lot of another little girl I know…  Another little girl who loves to dance and often shares her ideas with me :)

Thank you Ben, Moira, Fiona & Aoife for spending some time with me! It was a treat getting to know you.

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