derek & hanna | an engagement session

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I was lucky enough to know Derek in high school, in fact he took me to my senior prom because my boyfriend (Jeremy!) was too old to take me and that’s what kind of guy he is, always looking out for others.

When our summer plans happened to align I couldn’t resist asking Hanna if they’d be interested in doing an engagement session. I knew they’d already had engagement pictures taken, their invites have been sent out and they’re getting married in less than a month, but I still asked and I was so happy when they said yes. These two in Dover, ID at golden hour made my photographer heart burst over and over again.

I am so incredibly happy for these two and excited for them and their life together. It’s plain to see they are in love and ready to be married.

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  • Derek

    Thank you so much Sarah! It was such a pleasure to spend some time with you and these photos turned out amazing! We love them so much! You’re very talented!!ReplyCancel

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