on mornings like this

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In the early mornings before most people are awake, it’s not uncommon to find this duo curled up together on the couch.

When the open windows let the cool breeze of dawn flow through the house, you just might find this pair talking and laughing, huddled together for warmth.

On mornings like this I find my self in awe that just a few short years ago, one of these boys was an orphan in China, with very few possessions and no family of his own.  Now he lives left wanting for nothing. He’s a pretty amazing uncle, not to mention son, brother, grandson and friend.

The summer he joined our family I was pregnant with Luke. I remember quite clearly this wide eyed little boy watching my belly grow, eager with the anticipation of meeting his first nephew.

I’m not sure why these two have such a special bond. Perhaps it’s that Luke came after Jamie arrived or maybe it’s not. Regardless, I am grateful that by a series of miracles this little orphan boy, from the other side of the world, came to be my brother.  And Luke has his uncle Jamie to share the still mornings with.

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