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Three and a half years ago a new couple sat behind us at church. I’ve often been grateful in the following months and years that I decided to turn around, introduce myself and invite them to dinner that night. I don’t remember what we fed them, but I’m pretty sure it was better than the microwaved hot pockets they had waiting for them in their hotel room.

Since then we’ve served in several church callings side by side, done a lot of thrifting, exchanged an untold number of texts, shared a few holidays together and welcomed two new babies between us. Since then we’ve become family. Kierstin has been more sister than friend in the past few years. I clearly remember realizing she was pregnant after she asked me about OBGYNs. Watching her fulfill her role as a mother has been a blessing to witness.  She has taught me so much about life and love, her goodness is contagious.

For this session we drove to the Brighton Dam Azalea Garden on the most beautiful spring night. It felt like a dream wandering between rows and rows of blossoming flowers, chasing after sweet little Claire and her rosie red locks.

We’re both coming to the end of our time in Baltimore, but I’m so very grateful our lives crossed here.

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  • Diane Goodrich

    Thank you so much for taking these pictures! They are absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you have been there in Baltimore and I’m glad you turned around that day! It nice to know Caleb Kierstin and Claire have people who love them there!(Caleb’s mom)ReplyCancel

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