first lego set

first lego set_0249first lego set_0246first lego set_0247first lego set_0250first lego set_0251first lego set_0252first lego set_0253first lego set_0254first lego set_0248Jeremy has been a lego lover for most of his life. Last summer we brought home a bin of the legos from his childhood and they have been a big hit with the kids.  He’s been anxiously waiting for a chance to get the kids a lego set.  We wanted to bring something special home for the kids after our trip, but we also didn’t want to bring home junk. We have enough junk. So we decided, instead, to order a few things for them on Amazon ;)  These two were adorable working together most of the afternoon to build a small, but very detailed, lego house.   I have no doubt that this lego set is the first of many.

Oh, and if you want a good laugh, Jeremy tried to convince me we needed to get this set for Luke. bahaha. Right…. for “Luke”.

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