february adventuring

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I’d be perfectly content to be a hermit for the month of February. Emerge for church and grocery shopping of course, but mostly just be home… I love home. Especially when it’s cold outside. HOWEVER, a couple of kids I know need to get outside. They need to run and explore and jump and climb. So we bundle up and go adventuring. And I find I’m really grateful when we do. The fresh, crisp air revives my slumbering soul and I come home with a happier heart and kids who don’t drive me quite so crazy :)

That being said… Spring, we sure wouldn’t mind you making your appearance soon.

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  • Shaina White

    I love these pictures so much! One of my favorite things to do as a mom is to take my kids to the park or somewhere outside and let them run wild and free. I love watching what they do to explore and play. What gems of pictures! Ahh!ReplyCancel

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