a fresh look

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It’s done! It’s here! I’m so excited to be sharing it. Since the beginning of this website I’ve been thinking about whether or not to combine our family blog and how to do that. Eventually I knew it was time, so I added all my previous family blog posts.  I had no intention of rebranding, but then I did. I redesigned an entire website, logo, everything in less than a week. I was about to publish it when I realized it wasn’t at all what I wanted. I went a completely different direction but that was wrong too. Then finally, FINALLY, I found a way to focus all the ideas bouncing around in my brain and create what I wanted. I needed it to be a little unique, with a well designed and distinct logo, but I also didn’t want the website to be the focus, I needed the perfect vessel for my images. I wanted it to be about the pictures. And I’m so happy to say I did it! It’s clean, fresh, elegant and a just little different.  But most importantly – it’s me.

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