Baby Alyssa-14Baby Alyssa-79Baby Alyssa-87Baby Alyssa-77Baby Alyssa-74Baby A_0071Baby Alyssa-75Baby Alyssa-13Baby Alyssa-7baby a 5Baby A_0073Baby Alyssa-6Baby Alyssa-10Baby A_0074Baby Alyssa-2Baby A_0077Baby Alyssa-18Baby Alyssa-15Baby A_0076Baby Alyssa-30Baby A_0079Baby Alyssa-21Baby A_0078Baby Alyssa-26Baby Alyssa-27Baby A_0075Baby Alyssa-33Baby Alyssa-3Baby Alyssa-34Baby Alyssa-36Baby Alyssa-35Baby Alyssa-88Baby Alyssa-78Baby A_0084Baby Alyssa-92Baby Alyssa-11Baby Alyssa-59Baby Alyssa-60Baby A_0085Baby Alyssa-61Baby Alyssa-65Baby A_0080Baby Alyssa-66Baby Alyssa-67Baby Alyssa-68Baby A_0087Baby Alyssa-69Baby Alyssa-73Baby Alyssa-70Baby Alyssa-55Baby Alyssa-56Baby A_0086Baby Alyssa-50Baby A_0082Baby Alyssa-49Baby A_0081Baby Alyssa-48Baby Alyssa-7 copyBaby Alyssa-44Baby A_0088Baby Alyssa-4Baby A_0083Baby Alyssa-46Baby Alyssa-47Baby Alyssa-51Baby Alyssa-52Baby Alyssa-9Baby Alyssa-53baby a 3Baby Alyssa-54Baby Alyssa-8Baby Alyssa-83Baby Alyssa-84Baby Alyssa-86Baby Alyssa-85Baby Alyssa-81At some point during each session I have a moment of overwhelming gratitude for the chance to be a part of the precious moments that make up a lifetime. Being a photographer is such a privilege and I know I’ll always see it that way.

Little miss A sure kept her family waiting.  When we took maternity pictures Holly reminded me that her first two came several days early. Then baby number three held out until the day after her due date! That waiting game always feels like it’ll never end and then it does and the wait is completely worth it. Welcome to the world sweet baby A! You are absolutely surrounded by love.  I can’t wait to watch you grow.

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