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It was truly an honor getting to spend time with this family. Soon after Nancy contacted me she shared a little about their family, including the fact that Ryan was injured in Iraq.  For a few minutes my world stopped spinning. I was young when the twin towers were hit, too young to understand the magnitude of the event or the lasting effects it would leave. I’m not naive enough to think lives haven’t been changed and taken, but it becomes extremely real when you meet someone who’s been there. Getting to meet this family who has given so much for our country and our freedoms put things in perspective for me.

Nancy told me was she wanted pictures that showed despite Ryan’s physical limitations “he’s just a regular ol’ goofy dad”. As you can see that wasn’t hard to capture. Nancy is a photographer herself so she’s got those kids well trained. Jillian, Liv and Evan were so full of the greatest personalities, coming up with their own poses and kicking legs back, striking poses left and right, I loved it.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to meet the Kules family and looking forward more than ever for the upcoming years our family will be spending in the military.

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