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When Maria contacted me about scheduling a family session she was very specific about a date. October 3rd was the day Grandma Kim would be in town and pictures of Grandma and Porter were overdue.  Unfortunately October 3rd was also the day hurricane Joaquin sent an awful lot of rain our way. We decided postponing the session was the best way to move forward but with Kim only in town for a short time I offered to come over and take a few candids of them together. It would have been nice to have her with us when we met a week later at the Howard County Conservancy, but the sunrise we got to be a part of was absolutely beautiful and I’m glad we didn’t try to dodge the rain. I’m also grateful for all the great shots we got up until Porter was done :) Let’s be real though, he’s still so cute, even when he’s crying.

Thank you Dunk family for being such a beautiful family to photograph. It was a pleasure getting to meet you not only once, but twice!

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