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I still get nervous with just about every shoot….  I was feeling great leading up to my session with the Lough family until I got in the car, and then the nerves hit. I silently sent a prayer heavenwards asking God to calm my racing heart. I took a deep breath, turned on pandora and heard the familiar start to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. While that may not be a sign to just anyone, it’s up there at the top of my “feel good” song list, therefore a tender mercy, and I knew it was going to be a great session. I was right.

Walking into their home was like stepping into a magazine home, gorgeous furniture surrounded by personal touches showing their love of the world. I loved that Henry’s nursery carries on that theme. Their home was a photographer’s dream and they’re such beautiful people, it was a recipe for good pictures. Plus it was their wedding anniversary! It was just a really good session.

Thank you Lough family for letting me step into your world at such a special time!



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  • Their home is seriously gorgeous. This is one of my favorite sessions of yours ever – you killed it!!ReplyCancel

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