adam | a senior session


This is my brother Adam. My handsome, hilarious, smart and caring little brother Adam.

My first memory of Adam was the night he was born. Halloween, seventeen years ago, my trick or treating time was cut short because somebody decided it was time to be born… I was maybe a little upset about it. But I also remember meeting him in the hospital for the first time. I remember holding that little baby bundle in my arms and thinking, in my little six year old mind, that this brother was someone special.

When Adam was little he had the roundest red cheeks, the cutest bowl cut and an infectious laugh. I’m glad he’s out grown the cheeks and haircut, but he still has the greatest laugh. He can make me laugh from across the room without saying a word.

As you can see Adam is at home in the great outdoors, so it made sense to visit Bowl and Pitcher State Park for his senior pictures. Not gonna lie, I was pretty winded by the end of this session. Thank goodness I wasn’t the one being photographed ;) But Adam was totally fine running up a mountain or skipping across river rocks so I could shoot just how I wanted to.

I sure love you Adam! So proud of you and happy for you to be almost done with high school!

P.S. Big shoutout to our sister Hannah for carrying gear up and down the mountain :)

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  • Love these! The bridge shots are my favorite. And the wide shot in front of the rock wall….I love a good wide shot =] Great job!ReplyCancel

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