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Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.50.53 AMSeveral months ago I attempted to talk Jeremy into helping me build a photography website on the blogger platform, but one that didn’t look like it was a blogger website. We’d spent so many hours on our life blog and in the end it did come together just the way I wanted.

Apparently it left Jeremy with some html scars because he quickly said no! But it was the best no he’s ever given me. He told me that a makeshift website wasn’t what I wanted, and wasn’t going to help me grow a business. That very night he showed me just how much confidence he had in me, and we purchased a domain name, and Prophoto, and before we went to bed that night, at 2am, we managed to get ‘freckleblossom photography’ typed across the header in Times New Roman. For the first time I felt like a REAL photographer.

For weeks I worked off and on, trying to figure out my brand and get everything just right. I went through so many different design styles, but finally I came back to my beloved flowers, but in a simpler, more elegant fashion. I worked full steam for days, and then got burned out and had to step back for a while. It was an on going cycle I thought I’d never get out of.

When my good friend Meghan worked with a designer and created a completely new site in just a few weeks I knew it was time to make some real progress and finish out this project. She was so great, kept nudging me to come over and have her take some headshots for me. This photographer community I’m discovering is pretty great.

Of course I couldn’t launch this site without giving a proper and public thank you to my amazing husband. He’s worked so hard, helping me figure out the things I was pulling my hair out over, but also stepping back and allowing me to figure out a lot of this on my own. I can’t express how amazing it feels to know someone has your back and believes in you 200%.

Today is the day. I’m finally sharing this project I’ve been working on in secret for so long. Letting go of fears and insecurities and owning this business and my branding choices and introducing myself as a photographer. It feels so incredibly good to be here stretching my wings and venturing into this new world.

I’m Sarah. I’m a photographer.

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