precious life

Precious LifeA tiny life created by love,A beautiful miracle designed by God.Your time with us was short, sweet spirit,Too quickly you returned to Heaven above.Great was the joy you brought to our livesWhen we learned of your little existence.We planned for your birth and dreamed of your life,As a child of God in our home.Such pain was heard though our midnight criesAs we watched your perfect body float lifeless.We wanted you, we needed you,And yet here we live on, without you.Your tiny heart beat as hummingbird wings,From deep within my frame.And I learned what a special sweet spirit you areAs only a mother can.Where are you now, my cherished, my baby?Why have you left my arms empty?What more could I have done to keep you here with me?Why was your time here cut short?Will I see you again? Will I hold you someday?How I long to be your mother.To cradle you, baby, to help you love lifeAnd to look at your beautiful face.Til we meet again in a more perfect worldWhere our family again is complete,I will think of you often, sweet child, my baby,I will think of your precious life.

by Sarah Wells

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