almost four months old!

I can’t believe my little girl is growing up so fast!
She’ll be four months old this coming Wednesday.
Today was a beautiful sunshiney day so we naturally 
had to do a photoshoot.  Hope you enjoy!
{oh and sorry – almost all of them are in b&w… I was in a b&w mood I guess}

Mom the sun is VERY bright but I’ll do my best to smile anyway!

 I’m apologizing in advance you’re about to see A LOT 
of feet pictures… but hey, they’re cute feet!

big feet little feet

These are Jeremy’s feet btw.  My feet aren’t that big

monkey toes clinging to daddy’s toes
crazy baby!
Big smiles for daddy
She’s decided she really likes to sing.  During choir practice 
she’s not shy about contributing her voice.
sparkling baby eyes
big out of control smile ha
“I love to sing!!!”
Anyone have suggestions on how to train a baby to 
suck on any finger other than her middle one?

love this little girl SO MUCH!

I could stare at this face forever
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