We love camping.  But you can’t really go camping 
in the dead of winter in Utah with a baby…
So I took Jeremy on a top secret surprise date
and we went CAMPING! 
{bedroom style}
Took me just under forever to get this tent up.
We also had a campfire (candles), 
slept under the stars (glow n’ the dark stars),
and listened to 11 minutes of free outdoor noises .
What campout would be complete without games! 
We played card games and the hershey bar game!
{i love chocolate}

Oh and of course we had s’mores!
ssshhhhh…. don’t tell anybody we lit candles!
{also, you should know, if you use scented candles
you may end up with flavored s’mores…}
I sure love date night with this handsome hubby!

Oh – and I love chocolate… did I mention that?
p.s. we still have the glow stars on our ceiling.  
And I think they’ll stay there for a while.

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