Nursery Pictures – Finally!

Alrighty, I am finally doing this post!
I took these pictures right after Madeline was born,
and I finished the nursery way before she was born.
So with out further ado – here is our lovely cinderblock wall

This is on the door when you walk in.  You can’t really tell
but its just cream paper mounted on blue, yellow, and green paper.
It’s attached to the door by mini clothes pins on hemp.

This is the view walking in.

My beloved rocking chair – Love this thing!
{Thanks Grandma Teddy!}

I just kind of whipped this pillow up one day.
The chair needed a little pop of color I thought.

A really cheap collapsing tray for a reading table.
I originally had the intention of staining it to match the rest of our 
darker espresso/cherry wood furniture, but it just didn’t happen. Oh well.

The antique books I found at a thrift store over the summer. 
Tied together with hemp string.

Our little book basket that just isn’t quite big enough. 
I don’t even know where it came from, so we’re just happy to have something!

Jeremy’s desk.  I claimed the top portion, 
however, to tie it in with the rest of the nursery.
{Sorry about the sun}

My precious watering can {that I begged Jeremy for.  And it was only
like $5} And some little flower pots with silk flowers.

A picture of Jesus and Madeline’s ultrasound picture at about 20 weeks.

I found these glass jars at D.I. and just slid a picture in the front then
filled the jar with split peas.  {I love the color of them} 
And of course tied a hemp bow around them.

A beautiful saying and my first teddy bear.

Remember that $10 changing table I spontaneously bought at a garage sale?
Well we’ve put it to good use! I love not having to get on the floor
to change all of her never ending diapers!
The bins my mom had already,
 but you can get them for pretty cheap at target.
I made the green covers, though.  They were pretty simple.
I didn’t use a pattern just kind of figured it out as I went.

I made two changing pad covers – and I’m so glad I did!
It’s nice to be able to throw one in the wash and still have a clean one.

This was a can of nuts and I covered it in the only paper I had, white and tied
a bow around it with none other than the hemp!
{We keep qtips, the bulb syringe for her nose,
 butt paste, nail clippers etc in it}

This is the crib we got at Walmart. {remember this post?}
The beautiful white quilt my mom made! I love it :) 

Here’s a picture of Madeline in the quilt with her Grandma Fullmer

Made the bed skirt myself! So proud. 
 Didn’t think I was going to be able to but I did!

I got this bear for FREE at a thrift store.  Don’t worry it went 
through the wash and is very clean now.
It came with a really tacky burnt orange bow,
so I cut it off and gave Mr. Bear a green bow instead.

Here’s a close up of the letters so you can see the glitter.
Jeremy cut these letters out himself! And I painted and glittered them.
It was fun to do a project together.
I wish we didn’t have stark white walls, then my flower would show up
a little better, but oh well.

And last but not least, the full 
shot of her name. I sure loved doing this room!
 My only wish was that we had more space, money, 
and rights to pain/hang pictures etc.  
But considering the ridiculous restrictions and really tight budge
I think it turned out quite well :)
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