a busy first week of life

I’m assuming that most humans spend their first week of life snuggling at home with their new parents.  Free from the cares of the world and away from all the hustle and bustle of life.
Madeline’s, however, was rather busy.
Day 1
 So there was, of course, the whole journey through the birth canal – that had to be kinda rough.

Yeah… not so happy about that… 
Day 2
But later she decided it was ok because she has a really great dad. 
And she got to come home from the hospital.
Day 3
Left at home with dad for the first time.  My sister Hannah turned twelve the week before and in our family when you turn twelve you can get your ears pierced.  Hannah was so nice and agreed to wait til I could be there! Seeing as our options were Wednesday or Friday (black Friday) we decided to make our trip to the mall Wednesday – even though I’d just come home from the hospital the day before.  It was a quick trip but I was so glad I could be there!
I think this is her concentration face, what do you think?

All the girls (minus Elizabeth and Madeline)
I look horrible in this picture because I had a baby two days before.
Just wanted to point that out.
DAY 4  
Happy Thanksgiving! We went up to my Dad’s Mom’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner.  My aunt and uncle and cousins were there and it was a lot of fun! Great food, lots of pie :)  And unfortunately I didn’t take like any pictures…. oops!
Day 5
A much needed day of rest and snuggle time :)

Both of us enjoy sleeping with this toasty warm little bundle of love!
Less than 24 hours before Madeline was born, my beloved great-grandmother passed away.  She was 91 years old and truly my biggest hero. I don’t know of another person on this earth closer to perfection than she was.  When I was born, her mother was still alive and we took a 5 generation picture.  Me, my mom, my grandma, my great-grandma, and my great-great-grandma.  We were all excited with the possibility of getting another 5 generation picture once Madeline was born.  However, my grandma is helping my grandpa Preside over the Albuquerque NM Mission so she wouldn’t have been able to be in the picture (for another year and a half at least). Because of the funeral my grandma was able to come and she got to meet Madeline.  {Is this all getting way too confusing? }
Sorry if this is a kind of an uncomfortable picture… 
but we just had to do it. 
Madeline is the first daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, 
and great-great-granddaughter of all of these women.  
Most of the Fullmer clan headed out that night so we had to hit up Temple Square to see the lights before they left.  
Madeline is in the moby wrap under Jeremy’s coat.  
She was toasty warm and slept the whole time.
Where’s the baby?

There she is!

You can see a little bit of her face right above Jeremy’s hand.
{Gah I hate how fat my face looks…. And still looks.  Any guesses what my New Year’s resolution is going to revolve around? haha.HA. No really….}
We went to Sacrament meeting then came home and took a nap.
Later that afternoon Madeline got her first bath!
She wasn’t wild about it right off the bat.

Then she decided it was pretty nice.

Mommy and Madeline
{I love being mommy}

And after her first bath she got her first pedicure!

ten tiny toes prettily painted pink :)
And so the sun set on her first week of life.
We’re glad Madeline has proved to be able to keep up with our busy lives!

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